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Fin-tail management – 2

What is it that gives a company its spirit, direction and speed?

It is neither strategy nor vision. No, it is all about passion! We will put the magnifier on all components, starting today with the fish’s tail-fin – the real speed and direction machine.

And now let us hear what Harvard Business school has to say about it. The researchers and authors Collins and Porras spent six years trying to find a common factor behind successful companies. They came to investigate several companies in different industries – with one thing in common – the continuous success.

They began to search in terms of superior plans, sophisticated business ideas, charismatic leaders, smart organizations, genius products, refined marketing and distribution, data maturity and of course – great advertising.

It turned out that famous leaders were no obvious assets at all. Nothing proved to be an all-embracing success formula. They widened their search technology to also include soft values.

And then they found what all successful companies, with no exception, had in common – their passion. Everyone had a passionate relationship with their company and its ideology. Earnings were reinvested to ensure the future. All staff stood united and passionate behind.

The manager is often more of an architect and caretaker. He protects the ambitions compliance and his staffs’ dedication.

He is also usually internally recruited. Priorities become simple, as every decision is based on its importance to the company’s continued success.

It is also interesting to note that these companies are extremely risk willing – if it is an adventure that lies within the realization of the company’s well-fare.

Follow our magnifier’s trip throughout the fish’s body! Comments and questions are both needed and appreciated. And will be answered!

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