Of all business people – the sales people are without any doubt the most conservative. Their power is and has always been “we know our clients and their needs”. I know because sales has always been a part of my life. I grew up with Rank Xerox, where sales was a religion – not to be challenged by anyone. And no one did of course as that would be suicidal.

All meetings were about how many calls you made, sales techniques and occasionally new products. And only that. Unfortunately!

We also had a marketing department with lots of academics with lots of good ideas, that we never shared as we never trusted anyone who hadn’t been a salesman.

Today on the other hand, the most effective and profitable companies have come far away from that old philosophy as they realize, that best result is only achievable when head and hand go together. Not to do so is just as smart as leaving your GPS behind at home before driving away on unknown roads.

Integration, in other words, between market knowledge and sales capability is such a strong combination, that all companies really should go for it. Here is where our tool comes in!

So, say “Welcome” to this sales improvement and take on this new concept, as it is a perfect tool for achieving targeted guided sales. The selling as an art remains, but what here is added is a deeper knowledge of your possibilities and thereby a way to guide you to your most profitable possibilities.

This tool keeps track of the total market, segments and also individual customers and action plans. What relief would that not be for business managers?

The tool is now available and its name is Agera CubeBiz, which is a 3D-program shown on a screen, where the cubes ask many questions, that are to be answered by the meetings participants. It is not only factfinding it is also very stimulating and amusing, when the group is trying to figure out the right answers.