About us

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Based in Sweden, Agera Sales has been operating since 1984. We carry out assignments throughout Europe and launch operations in Brazil and Turkey. Our clients are strong, market-leading brands with nationwide coverage and often an international presence.
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Since the start, we have served around 200 clients. We have developed 8000 salespeople and conducted over 25,000 training hours.

Our consultants are trained, experienced professionals. They have performed assignments in some 25 countries. We are accredited users of several important tools and instruments that are essential in developing sales effectiveness. We are involved in international networks and industry organizations.

Agera Sales is known for achieving good relations and cooperation with all stakeholders in an assignment. As a result, we enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients.

For us, understanding the requirements of a business – identifying with the client’s operations – is key. Not only with their sales operation, but also with their history, production set-up, customers, industry parameters, and competitive scenario.

The Agera Sales approach is contemporary and virtual. We are the experts in sales effectiveness.