Ho, ho! Me again.

Remember? When we last talked I wanted you to do two things;

  1. Regard your personnel as your fellow crew members instead of the impersonal word personnel.
  2. Walk/drive/fly around regularly.

Do you know when these two things start paying off? No, perhaps not, but there is one very obvious sign and that is, when your fellow crew members start greeting you with Hi boss instead of a Good morning Sir.

Now you may wonder what difference in the world that makes. I’ll tell you, it means a hell of a lot! And this is why: because of your regular presence – you’ve become a familiar face, a trust worthy person, whom one can ask things, propose things and of course also criticize.

When you were the “Good Morning Sir type” – only politeness existed. Now a base for mutual communication is established.

And that’s the whole point, as we hereby have built the ground for Continuous Improvements!

More on that soon! Stay tuned! Ho, ho!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

Dedicated his full life to business in Sweden as well as in the US, Germany and Switzerland. Also a number assignments all over the world.
Experiences; salesman, sales leader, marketing director, vice president and CEO.