Instead of the usual Ho, ho, I now say Go, go and here is why. The other day I came across some management advices written by Lee Iacocca (the former Chrysler magic icon). I goggle while you google…

I’ll try to summarize bits of it;

Management is all about risk-taking, motivation, delegation and decision making. (I, the old owl, wrote the same things some time ago on this blog, Ho, ho).

Mr. Iacocca means that a 100%- certainty that courts require for a verdict can never be achieved in any successful business, as that would be too time consuming and thereby be without importance for practical business decisions.

He also means that all MBA: s floating out from schools like Harvard and Yale, where they learn to intellectualize everything, meaning that when these students reach business positions they try to reach a court-room certainty of 100% before any decision, no matter what time it takes. Catastrophe!

There is no 100% certainty in any business and that’s where risk taking comes in. Analyzing and discussing in groups before a decision is essential, but when the decision is to be made, it’s not to be voted about, or as he himself phrases it “Ok, friends this is how we move on from here, thanks for your contribution”.

Another quotation sounds “we correct things as we move”. Meaning that speed is more essential than 100% certainty, which he justifies by an example from duck hunting, where a split of a second is the difference between a hit and a miss.

He adds another needed quality for being a super manager – communication, which is as much about talking as it is about listening. Far too many managers tend to use their own voices much more than they use their ears. Big failure, done by ego trippers. This lack of talent could jeopardize any company!

So far Lee Iacocca. Me, the old owl, found his advices simple, obvious, usable, straight forward and therefore extremely wise. How do you feel about them?

I’ll be back soon! Ho go…!

PS: You might wonder what happened to the continues improvements. They are connected with this and will be described soon! So, stay tuned!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
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