Dr. See & Mr Hide – 1

Fire or not?

This is very unfortunate, but it happens and must be dealt with. Imagine this situation: a sales person in your group is not performing as planned and hoped for. On top of that he/she is disliked by the clients as well as by the colleagues, because of his/her attitude. The boss has had many meetings with him/her about this. Nothing changes, neither the result nor the attitude. The problem grows even bigger day by day.

The colleagues avoid this person and the sales manager says to himself “what can I do? Firing is so dammed unpleasant, I’ll give it some more time”.

What happens when the boss chooses to prolong the pain by looking the other way, is that the situation gets even worse. The colleagues lose the respect for their boss. Instead they meet secretly to discuss this terrible situation. Concentration on sales diminish together with the group’s sales result.

PS: The sales manager should be fired himself, but that rarely happens, as firing is so unpleasant, even for the sales manager’s managers.

On the other hand, if the boss would have had the courage to deal with this directly. The following would have happened: an increased respect for their boss, a new atmosphere in the group, team spirit gains, result improves, clients notice the change and best of all – back on the right track!

Conclusion: Make sure your team is up to it! But then you must be up to it yourself. So be it! Only then you can challenge the world!