A Saturday morning in a conference room at Mr. Hide’s office

Welcome all and thanks for showing up here on an early Saturday morning. Dr. See will now take us through this very unusual but necessary weekend exercise. As you all know, our result is not satisfactory. It’s the other way around actually and unfortunately.

− Dr. See the floor is yours.

− Thanks, Hide. Hi, folks. I am impressed by seeing twelve people here and glad that six of you are from sales and six others are from finance. Now we’ll form three groups with two from sales and two from finance in each group. Now time for morning coffee and when you come back, I hope you’ve formed your groups. Ok?

− Yes, Sir. That’s ok!

− Ok, we’re back again. Hope coffee was good. This is what we’ll do. Each group gets an assignment with three questions to discuss and come up with answers to. We meet again at twelve for presentations, while at the same time sandwiches will be served.

− Here are the topics: You are called group A, B, and C. You’ll all get the same questions but regarding different customer categories. The questions are:

  • Number of clients
  • Accumulated turnover/year
  • Accumulated discounts/year

Group A must do this for key accounts. Group B for smaller accounts. And Group C, you’ll handle our ad/hook accounts.

− Hide, it will be interesting to see what the finance guys and sales folks will manage to come back with, while sales only count orders, are the finance guys more interested in counting money. That’s what this whole exercise is all about. Got it?

− Yes, Sir this will surely be interesting!

− It will! And this is just the beginning, Hide. We’ll see a lot more of it this afternoon!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

Dedicated his full life to business in Sweden as well as in the US, Germany and Switzerland. Also a number assignments all over the world.
Experiences; salesman, sales leader, marketing director, vice president and CEO.