Sunday afternoon in Mr. Hides office. Time is 5.30 pm.

– Welcome back for your final presentations for this weekend. Your last task was to come up with ideas about how do we take these newly won insights any further. Remember? I can see group A already has a hand up in the air. Ok A-group what do you want to say?

– So far, we’ve come to realize, that these exercises create more questions than answers.

– Yes, A-group that’s normal. Heard the old saying “the more you learn the more you realize how little you know?”

– No, Sir we haven’t, but it describes our situation perfectly.

– Ok! On you go A!

– Thanks Dr See. We talked intensively about this in our group and came up with a unison idea, may I start, Sir?

– You may!

– We are fully convinced, that a start should begin with, that all groups return to normal businesses tomorrow, but on top of what we normally do, we also clock our times devoted to the three categories. Meaning that we, when we meet next weekend will know how much time was given to our key accounts, our mid-sixed accounts and our ad hoc accounts. By knowing that we can fulfill the chart with additional information about how their cost burdens are divided.

– B and C-groups! You agree?

– Yes, Sir we do!

– Ok folks this it’s what you’ll do. As A- group just suggested and B and C also agreed to. Tomorrow is Monday morning and you’ll all be back to normal businesses. And on top of that you’ll clock the time devoted to each customer category. And furthermore you’ll separate time devoted to existing customers in comparison with chasing new ones. Ok?

– Certainly. Sir.

– Ok! Thanks all for having spent the weekend here. We meet here again on next Saturday morning, at 08.30.

– Sir, just a question. Does this only include only us in sales or shall we also bring customer service into this?

– Good question! Bring them in and ask them to count the number of calls from each category.

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

Dedicated his full life to business in Sweden as well as in the US, Germany and Switzerland. Also a number assignments all over the world.
Experiences; salesman, sales leader, marketing director, vice president and CEO.