Sunday morning in Mr. Hide’s office

– Good to see you all again. I know these exercises are demanding and on top of that you spend your free time here. Yesterday’s proposals were great! Really great I must say!

Now we take it from here. A-Group suggested another way of handling their key accounts and thereby freeing sales capacity for other efforts. Do you think it might work?

– Dr. See I think we should give it a try. We could for example this coming week have all our key account sales people go and see their clients and give them exactly that offer, which was to offer them to keep their discounts, but in return they must sign a two-year deal with us. If that works out, we have a plan and a new business opportunity by using our sales resources differently.

– B-group what’s your opinion?

– Thanks Dr. See for giving us a chance to comment. As we said earlier, we would welcome any additional sales power to go after all our unapproached mid-sized-prospects.

– Ok, folks this is what we’ll do. A-Group, you pick two key accounts, only two, as we do not want to jeopardize all our key account businesses at the same time. And you, folks in B-group, you’ll list all the possible unapproached clients, that we haven’t seen yet. By doing so, we’ve minimized risks of loosing key accounts and at the same time, if successful with the two key accounts, we’ve found a way to solve this unprofitable situation.

– Now, to your group-rooms and come back with suggestions about: how to go about offering two key-accounts a two-year deal. Ok?

– Yes, Sir, that’s ok. I guess that task was only for us in A-group?

– Yes, of course. And you in B-group, you list your unapproached mid-size accounts. And C-group, you can participate in this work by just listening in and commenting. We meet here again for lunch and reporting. Ok? And one thing more – stay away from the football as this is more important. Ok?

– Sure Sir!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

Dedicated his full life to business in Sweden as well as in the US, Germany and Switzerland. Also a number assignments all over the world.
Experiences; salesman, sales leader, marketing director, vice president and CEO.