Dr. See and Mr. Hide. Our two ostriches in one

We all, not just sales managers and sellers, no, everyone in fact, both at work and in private have these two ostriches in us. The question is: which ostrich is dominant, as that determines what kind of person and manager you are. It’s all about courage and judgement. Every manager is daily confronted with the choice to look the other way or react.



Are you a Mr. Hide or a Dr. See?

If you can’t answer that question for yourself, I am sure your group can.

Now some questions:

What group has the best future in terms of result and harmony?

  1. When the group and its manager have the same opinion about the two ostriches. For example. The group regards its boss is a Mr. Hide and the boss also thinks of himself as a Mr. Hide?
  2. When the group thinks that their manager is Mr. Hide. And the manager regards himself as Dr. See?
  3. When the group thinks that their manager is a Dr. See and the manager regards himself /herself as Mr. Hide?
  4. When the group thinks, that their manager is a Dr. See and the boss also sees himself as a Dr. See?

Give these questions some consideration please, as they are so important and unfortunately also neglected, with a corresponding negative effect, when not realized and dealt with, as well as a huge potential for improvement when realized and dealt with.

Therefore, it would be great, if you would rank these groups from best to worst (1-4) and send your answer for a continued and fruitful discussion!