Another source of essential but neglected information

Previously, when we met, we talked about an unutilized source of information – the finance department, where after some digging you could find essential information for successful sales planning.

Today we’ll go to another internal and completely forgotten source of information for even more knowledge about your actual market situation. An opportunity to take care of!

All companies have a customer service department, which is in daily contacts with lots of people – new customers, happy customers, dissatisfied customers, angry customers, crazy customers, yeah, the whole lot and even more! It could be compared with a ship’s radar screen, where all things around are being noticed.

If we call our financial department our logbook, we can call our customer service department our radar!



To any sea captain this is obvious. But unfortunately, it is not that obvious to all managers.

So how to go about it? Pretty easy actually! Start by seeing the customers service people. Tell them, that they are our most sensible ears end eyes towards the market and thereby their experiences are of outmost value for sales planning, product development and all kinds of adjustments in our sales- and marketing efforts. (Bring a cake and some coffee, when informing them). Let them also know, that you will be back every Friday afternoon to hear about their experiences and points of view from the past week.


The most accurate and rapid market information you can get! DO NOT MISS IT!

You can also ask this group to ask clients how they think about different things. A survey easily conducted by people who know their market and clients better than anyone else.

Just by involving this group, you get a highly motivated group, that before felt closer to the customers than their own company!  Which now very quickly changes to a devoted group, who sets the own company first.