Position, direction and speed

Previously we made a visit to our finance department to find out, where our most profitable clients were to be found. With that newly gained knowledge we moved on to the customer service department to find the immediate reactions from the market about everything, from our offers, prices, functions and new ideas. (Missed this? Go back to chapter 4 and 5.)

By having done so, we have created a logbook and a radar. We are in other words almost fully equipped to tackle the right possibilities in the market. The remaining thing to take charge of is the speed. When that is under control we have established all three tools that all ..

.. sea captains are depending on, namely: the logbook, the radar and now the speed, which is exactly what all sales managers also need, but often without realizing it. Unfortunately!

We have already increased our sales efficiency (did you notice this side effect?) by reducing the number of possible clients with a limited profitability and instead directed those sales calls towards more profitable chances.

Now to the question about increasing the face time with clients. Picture this! If one sales person can increase the face time with only twenty minutes per day, it would mean 100 minutes/week and consequently 4200 minutes/year (42 w). 4.200 minutes is 70 hours a year. Now, imagine that your sales force consists of twenty sales persons, (20 x 70) that corresponds to 1.400 hours per year or 175 full days!

Yes, 175 more sales days per year without having employed any new people! At all!

No wonder our sea captain, Dr. See, looks so satisfied, when he sends off Mr. Hide to work.