Sales management – the eternal challenge

  • Did you know that sales management is the toughest and the most difficult management job of all in every company?


  • No Sir, please tell me why.


  • Think of any other department in a company and what they have in common – the production, the R&D, the finance, yes, all other departments are working like assembly lines, where every detail is depending on the work quality of the previous person. Numbers at the finance, tools in the production, tests in the R&D. etc. etc. Any mistake is almost instantly recognized and rapidly corrected, as everyone’s effort is the direct base for the next. Got it Hide?


  • Think so, but what makes sales management so difficult?


  • Because there is no assembly line in sales and thereby no instant connections between what one guy does on his own in sales, as that has no importance to the colleagues. Errors are not noticed and thereby seldom identified and then of course not corrected quickly enough.


  • I see you are tired Hide. So, we’ll save the next lesson for a while. But when we meet again we’ll talk about the differences between CONSTANT IMPROVEMENTS and CHANGE MANAGEMENT. Ok?


Thank you, Sir. Looking forward to that.