Fin-tail management – 10

Motivation and Capacity

Welcome onboard again! Let us continue our trip through the body of the fish. As you can see we are approaching the end of this journey and this time we put two magnifiers on the most important qualities – motivation and capacity. When they go hand in hand, the combination is unbeatable!

Capacity however, without matching motivation, is completely useless, as well as the opposite.

Handling the sales people’s capacity is fairly simple. It is mainly about knowledge, achieved by training and learning. These ingredients are almost all managers capable to discover and develop, if necessary.

Also, motivation in terms of salary, bonuses and the boss’s appreciation, is rather uncomplicated. But motivation includes yet another “cup of tea”, namely difficult psychological factors and many of them hard to detect for the sales manager and shameful to admit for any salesperson.
This creates a hidden and complicated issue, that never the less has to be dealt with, as it causes unnecessary lousy results!

Let us have a look at what those psychological obstacles might cause, but first establish a well-known fact that resembles this:

Any film artist knows, that when a scene is lousy, you may shoot it again. On the real stage however, with a living audience, you cannot ask them to wait to see it again. It must be top quality instantly.

This causes a stress for the actor as well as it does for a salesperson. Now it is for real! Everything must be right. We call it Sales Calls Reluctance, which is comparable with an actor’s stage fright.

The factors behind are uncertainty, nervousness or just anything that upsets you and thereby prevents you from reaching your full potential. This is a science itself and there are methods to deal with it. AGERA SALES provides you such a service

PS: Depending on its hidden character, this issue is far more frequent than you can tell. And thus, a potential for Improved Sales Effectiveness.