Fin-tail management – 11

Glad to have had you onboard, we’ve now reached the end of this part of our continuous journey.
So, let us conclude what this was all about. We take it from its very beginning: a fish in the sea is like any company in the market – both swim for food, hunting things to swallow and thereby giving themselves growth for further swimming and more winning.

To do so you must have all functions integrated and well-working, if not, neither the fish’s swimming nor our sales’ efforts can be successful. All functions in between are as important as the famous old chain, which is no stronger than its weakest link. Superiority within one function cannot compensate for shortcomings in another. And that is exactly what our fish has tried to teach us! Thank you, fish. You may take a break now!

We will now see what another animal might contribute with – an ostrich – that when frightened, hides its head in the sand choosing not to see.

All of us have experienced that mentality, when uncomfortable things happen, the boss chooses to look the other way.

Things do not disappear, just because you do not want to see them. which is what the ostrich and some managers seem to believe.

Say welcome to our new teachers: Dr. See and Mr. Hide!