Fin-tail management – 4

Another fish has shown up – from behind. Shit! Competitor approaching!

Now it is a matter of knowing one’s own products, the competitor’s products and both our sales forces’ effectiveness.

Competitors’ products vs Own products.

Own products as well as the competitors’ products are nowadays often pretty equal, which in its turn leads to even higher demands on the sales people’s competence, rapidness and services. Of course, there are situations where completely different products compete by solving the same need. (electrical shaving vs. manual shaving).

Sales competence.

In the past when supply and demand were in balance no one or at least very few demands were asked of the sales – orders arrived anyway. Today, when the supply by far exceeds the demand the pressure on the sales is constantly and rapidly growing.

A superior product is no longer enough to guarantee a success. No, it takes a superior sales force as well to secure the success. To have such a sales force is a necessity and thereby a challenge for all executives! Money is constantly being invested in developing the sales people’s effectiveness and thereby improving their achievements and by doing so also securing the company’s long term profitable survival.

To have an outstanding sales effectiveness is not a matter of one single effort. No, it is a matter of constant searching for excellence in the persons’ behavior, in the organization and in its tools.

In the picture above one fish is coming up behind the other. In reality many fishes are coming up from behind! So, if you don’t look out, you may soon be just another anonymous fish in the crowd – shouting DISCOUNT!