Fin-tail management – 6

Team spirit, teamleader and rewarding

These three factors are essential for any success! Let us leave the deep waters for a few seconds, as the fish can’t survive any longer ashore and picture instead a horse and its rider competing in show-jumping. Together, they can jump higher than two meters!

Without the rider and thereby having lost perhaps 75 kilos – the horse on its own is not even capable of jumping over a fence a little higher than a meter!

It is all about the team – the horse and its rider, without each other – nothing! Together they can do almost anything.

Now we hurry back to the deep waters again and thereby saving the life of our adventures fish.

Team spirit, decisive for any team. Without it – not a chance! With it – you might reach any goal! Just like the show jumping equipage.

Teamleader, he is like a drum major or like a showjumper on the horseback – responsible for pace, tone and direction.

Rewarding, is a tool, that not any manager can do without. Like the horse which gets its riders appreciation together with some candies after having jumped well.

Be brave, be smart, be curious, be like our fish, go to unknown territories to broaden your mind! Or to use a common expression “thinking outside the box”, which is exactly what our fish just did.

You as well as your team will benefit from it!