Fin-tail management – 7

Every company has its follow-ups, mainly within areas that are measurable like budgets, sales, profit etc. But there are areas as important, but not as easy to measure and by that also difficult to follow up. Often this lack of tools mean that some very important factors are left unattended and thereby never corrected. Big mistake! Let us have a look:

Information and participation

Information is the base for participation as well as participation is the base for creation, which in its turn is the base for development. It is a hierarchy, where each component is depending on the others.

To underline the dignity and thereby its dangers you should instead say:

“without information – no participation, without participation – no creation, without creation – no development, without development – no future”.

Can it get any worse? Hardly! How do you handle this? If at all?

PS: Our fish has all these vital qualities naturally integrated in its body. The question is how we can integrate them in our corporate body?