Fin-tail management – 8


Despite being a smart fish I must confess that there are other animals smarter than me, at least within some areas. Today I managed to get a few minutes with one who really knows everything about training and recruiting namely Agera’ s CEO, Mats Lundqvist Escobar. So, let us see what he has to say:

–       Hi Mats. Thanks for seeing me! My first question is: do you see any similarities between recruitment and training?

–       Rather a connection. Recruitment is an investment to maintain the capacity of one’s own sales force or to enlarge it, while training is an effort in order to improve the personal sales effectiveness. But let’s stick to recruitment this time. You may come back another time to discuss training. Ok?

–       Ok! What do you believe is the most important thing when recruiting a sales person?

–       Skip the word believe, let us instead base our decisions on facts. What worries me is that there are so many fantasies involved in this. Surprisingly there are still many professional recruiters out there who still haven’t recognized this and thereby keep the old fantasies alive. Instead they should concentrate on creating adjusted models for the interviews, based on the qualifications that are being looked for. By doing so comparisons are easily done. Using tests is also a good technique. One of those tests is called SPQ GOLD and measures Sales Calls Reluctance. Without such a test, it is almost impossible to forecast a person’s future performance. To be a little provocative one might say that a person who applies for a position in sales only because he/she loves to be around people, rather should be a cab driver.

–       When the right person finally is selected and will start tomorrow. How should one go about the introduction?

–       Good question! This is a very important step, that is widely and deeply neglected. If one would make such a lousy introduction with a new machine in the production without having it adjusted to the rest of the production line – one can easily see the risks or rather the lack of chances for a successful future. This is also a fact for new employees in sales. Focus in other words on what is the sales person’s key functions and do it understandable – no mysterious corporate policies, that only will blur his/her mind about the assignment. Concentration on the needed key factors for success and do it as soon as possible for example do joint calls with your new employee. That’s good for two reasons, partly you can see and eventually correct things in a real situation. Secondly you and your new employee have a chance to communicate more relaxed than in the office. This is more worth than you can imagine! And finally, try to make sure that the new guy hangs with the best colleagues and thereby gets the best influences.

Thanks Mats for seeing me! And I’ll be back soon to discuss training. Ok?

You are welcome!