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Now, however, we’ll move on to other business situations, and I’d like to compare those with managing a sailing ship in all kinds of weathers. From storms to no wind at all. From mutiny to satisfaction. From lack of food and water to a surplus of both in harbor. From a see sick crewmember to an unwilling navigator. From winning races to losing them. From the frozen and cold on deck to the warmth underneath. From fairness to unfairnesses.

– So, welcome aboard the S/Y Enterprise! I am Mr. Nemo, your captain during this journey over unknown waters. Now listen to what I have to say.        A ship is like a company – a destination has to be reached as fast as possible and also to as low costs as possible. The crew – you – must know your different duties and how to solve them. The skipper – me – Mr. Nemo – must have a good judgement as well as the full responsibility and occasionally also take some risks.

There is a huge difference between being a crewmember and a staff member. The crew, even on their free times, can’t go home. They are onboard all the time. For making that free time fairly enjoyable we have surfing boards, rowing boats and other things. By the way do you know what S/Y stands for?

– Sailing yacht perhaps?

Exactly and the name Enterprise is as it sounds – a daring company. I just received our sailing orders (budget) for the next twelve month. We’ll start by being at sea for 30 days before the next harbor stop. So, now you go to your posts and prepare for these thirty days at sea. I’ll come around and see your plans in a few hours.

Ok, Sir!

The crew leaves the meeting. And later Captain Nemo walks around to the different stations onboard to see if everything is ready and prepared for the first part of this journey. Shipshape is the word, meaning that everyone and everything are prepared for whatever waits ahead.

Captain Nemo first sees his navigators (marketing- and salespeople).

Hi folks. How does it look?

Well, Sir. We have all the charts ready and also plans for alternative routes, if needed.

Perfect! Let’s hope we won’t need the alternatives, but if worst come to worst, it’s good to know they are there. Now I’ll check the galley to see that we have food enough for our thirty days at sea.

– Hi, cooks (finance dept), are you prepared for this journey?

Yes, Sir we are. Meals for us all during these thirty days is no problem. We got everything here.

Very good, but make sure we have food for another five days in case of delays due to bad weather! See my point?

Yes, good thinking, Sir!

Like I said in the beginning – running a company should be like managing a ship. Count on being on your own on rough waters. Shipshape is the word and most companies should learn the meaning of it!

Best Rgds,

Captain Nemo

PS: A mission can’t be successfully completed without a good vision and lots of passion! This coming journey will be the proof of that. Or in other words – let’s hope for the best and plan for the worst. We will surely come across both!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

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