Hi me, Nemo here again. I’ve been awake all-night thinking about my future. The CEO will probably fire me tomorrow or I’ll resign myself. Time is now 0600 in the morning. My thoughts, alternatives and consequences are these:

1) I like this ship and even more so its crew. We’ve come to know and appreciate each other, which would make me very sad if I’d have to leave.

2) But on the other hand, that’s probably what will happen tomorrow, when the CEO and I will talk.

3) Eventually and hopefully my CEO has considered the situation with its consequences and come to another decision.

Based on these thoughts I’ve come to the following tactic. I do not call him. Instead I’ll wait for his call and by doing so he is forced to start talking, while I only by listening to what he has to say, can spot if there are any changes of attitude and thereby another chance for me than just a “good by and piss off”.

I am nervous though.

Phone rings!

Nemo here.

Hi Nemo, CEO here. Now listen before saying anything, ok?

Sure sir.

Your crew and ship have created great advantages and profits for us. I’ve therefore spoken to our insurance company and asked them to double the policy and by having done that, I do dare to keep you as a captain, sailing your own routes according to your own calculations. How does that sound to you?

Great, sir. Yesterday you hated me and now I am allowed to continue my ways of sailing and working. Is that correctly understood sir?

It is Nemo!

Sir, I was prepared for either getting fired or resigning myself. This is really a change and a new opportunity, which I highly respect and agree to directly.

Great Nemo! I do also appreciate this solution. You are a risk-taking captain, but a great one. But now I’ve at least covered my ass with the insurance raise and by that I’ll be able to sleep at night, while you conquer the oceans with profitable cargo.

Sir, have you heard the Swedish saying “vi sitter I samma båt och måste ro den iland tillsammans?”

No what does it mean?

It means that we now are in the same boat and must do the best out of it.

– Great Nemo and by for now. New sailing orders are on their way. That Swedish saying, by the way sounds like being from the time of the vikings. They were perhaps your ancient predecessors. Were they?


Cpt. Nemo just showed, that his negotiation skills are as good as his sailing skills – by awaiting the opposite part’s start and then take it from there.

PS: Nemo is a person with superior qualities in calculation, in risk-taking, in sailing, in navigating, in looking after his crew and therebye achieving extreme customer satisfaction.

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

Dedicated his full life to business in Sweden as well as in the US, Germany and Switzerland. Also a number assignments all over the world.
Experiences; salesman, sales leader, marketing director, vice president and CEO.