– Hi sailors! How was your first shift on board? (Captain Nemo on loudspeaker to the other half of his crew)

Well Sir, thanks to the good weather it wasn’t that demanding, says a new recruit.

You know young man, if the weather forecast hadn’t told us just that, we would have waited in harbor a while for better conditions. I am glad to hear that the start was ok! A few moments ago, I talked with your fellow ship mates about what’s ahead of us. And what was concluded was, that we’ll cheque our positions all the time in order to know exactly where we are in relation to destination, position, speed, supplies, weather and of course your health and spirit. I am open for questions now. Are there any?

Yes captain, I do wonder, when we’ll set foot on land the next time and also if we’ll be given some time off there?

Good question! We count on reaching our next harbor within 30 days, if we do it quicker, you’ll get more time off there. If not, however, we just fill our supplies and sail on.

What captain Nemo just did, was to motivate his crew to sail as fast as they possibly could and for that they’ll be given some extra time off in the next harbor. In companies this is normally done by commissions based on occasional follow-ups long after the actual situation, but rarely on a monthly base. Big misstake! It has to be done frequently!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

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