More than a month has passed since we started this journey and I’ve been given a chance to talk to captain Nemo privately in his cabin under deck, while the ship is still sailing.

Thanks Captain Nemo for this opportunity to interview you about how you handle your management and responsibilities here on board. I hope you don’t mind the recording machine and the microphone. I brought them, as I believe your experiences deserve to be heard by others.

No problem at all. The ship is on its way, the working crew is on their posts. The rest of them are relaxing. Weather is fine. The helmsman knows what to do. So, take your time and shoot away.

Thank you, sir! My first question is, how can you look so relaxed without being on deck and having an eye on everything and everyone all the time?

You know my friend, it’s pretty much like having new employees in a company. You start by showing them what to do, how to do it and what’s expected of them.

Is it that simple?

It’s a matter of trust basically. You train them, you show them, you correct them and foremost you recruit the right personalities.

Sounds simple! Is it really that easy?

Well, perhaps not, it takes that you have confidence in your people as well as in yourself. Picture this situation: I would be walking around 24 hours to look over people’s shoulders to make sure they aren’t doing anything wrong. No, that’s not a recommended procedure! It’s the other way around actually, you walk around just as long as it takes to see and feel that they know what to do and most important – that they enjoy doing it! Just by doing that, people will grow, accept responsibility and feel like a real and important part of the team, which in itself is a very important factor, that you can’t reach any successes without! Got it?

Not quite. You mean, that if you’d be around all the time, they wouldn’t take responsibility, as they’d know then, that any mistakewouldimmediately be corrected by you, and thereby they wouldn’t take any responsibility?

You got it! There is no way around it. People on board a ship as well as employees in a company are to be dealt with like this. If not, you’ll have a crowd not caring nor worrying about anything. They’ll just hang around. And you yourself would not only be exhausted, you would also be completely useless.

What captain Nemo just taught us was the importance of delegating not only work but also responsibility. By doing so, also the middle management will learn how to play their roles as managers and thereby the whole crew. You might call this – distribution of trust, which in itself is a basic key to success!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

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