PS: In two days, we’ll reach our first harbor and the crew will have their first time off. They do really deserve it, but it worries me a little, as they just got their first salaries and this harbor is known for its temptations…

Hi, Nemo here again, struggling with my log-book. It’s pretty unusual to start with a PS, but I do that in order to make you remember my previous notes here, which were exactly finished with those words above. And now I’ll tell you what actually happened in and after that harbor visit. Well, we came there, the crew were given some time off with pockets full of money. They were ordered not to be away for more than 24 hours, as we had to sail on to deliver our cargo in time and thereby getting our payment for our efforts.

After 24 hours almost all men were back, but two sailors were missing. Dammit I ordered the crew to go ashore to find them, but only for two hours.

Now when 26 hours have passed and these two were still missing, I ordered departure, meaning leaving these two men behind.

We sailed off. The crew looked at me with eyes I haven’t seen there before. I saw hatred and disappointment in their eyes. Of course, I understood why, but still the products/cargo would have to be delivered in time, as otherwise our payment would be lost together with their future salaries. And so, I told them. Not even that did change their hatred towards me. Not at all. It grew even worse.

This was a moment of real frustration. Should I try to meet the timetable and thereby securing our money. Or should I turn around and sail back to find our two missing guys?

After some consideration I ordered the ship to be turned around and go back to that harbor to find these two crewmembers.

I’ve never in my life, seen a faster change of mood than then. People smiled even looked appreciating at me, worked harder than ever to make that return trip as quick as possible.

What made me change my mind was a thing I read on this blog some time ago, where a Mr. Iacocca and a Mr. Jack Welsh said, “there are only three P’s to worry about: People, Profit and Product, but without the right and motivated People you can forget about the other two”. And that philosophy I followed and if I hadn’t, I fear, that our future would have been behind us!

So, here we are on our way back to the harbor to hopefully pick up our two lost sailors.

Captain Nemo realized, that no goals can be reached without a good and motivated crew or staff. There is no way around it!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

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