The ship is on its way back to the harbor, where two sailors were left behind. Captain Nemo is on deck, using his binoculars to see if his missing people are in that damnable harbor, which they left some expensive hours ago. Of course, he is wondering – what to do if they aren’t there? Would the crew demand a further delay to find them and thereby setting this whole Enterprise (name of the ship as well as its assignment) on ground?

Constant dilemmas – first solving the previous problem and thereafter fearing the next. “Business as usual” is a common expression. Business is never as usual. Business is a constant handling of unknown and unfortunately too often unwished surprises!

But not this time! In his binoculars, Nemo just saw his two missing guys on a beach just beside the harbor. He ordered a life boat in the water and soon afterwards, two wet sailors came on board, looking frozen, ashamed and awfully tired. Nemo told them to change their wet clothes and go to bed.

The ship’s speed suddenly increased. The captain wondered if the wind was stronger. It was not! It was the crew doing their outmost to compensate for the time lost. And they did that even without having been told to. I saw that Nemo almost had tears in his eyes. And who wouldn’t? From having been close to a mutiny, now instead he is having a crew more motivated, than what he ever could have dreamed of.

So, now we are sailing as fast as we possibly could – the average speed is a lot faster than our previous record. What a crew!

Nemo did his calculations and realized, that with this speed, they would still have a chance to reach their final destination in time and thereby also deliver their cargo in time and for that also getting their money in time.

Now the two saved sailors are awake and in a meeting with their captain, where these words could be heard:

Ok, guys, tell me what happened in that harbor. Were you robbed?

No, Sir to be honest. We had too much to drink and what happened afterwards – we don’t know. And Sir, we do really appreciate your efforts to find us.

Well, my friends – don’t thank me, thank your shipmates for that. And now, you go up on deck and help them to keep this amazing speed, as we thereby might reach all our goals.

Captain Nemo just taught us to realize, that usual business is how to handle unknown surprises. Good ones as well as bad ones! Which in fact, is what “business as usual” is all about! Hoping for the best but planning for the worst is another useless saying, as the worst is completely unknown and thereby not plannable! It’s all about mentality!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

Dedicated his full life to business in Sweden as well as in the US, Germany and Switzerland. Also a number assignments all over the world.
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