The S/Y Enterprise is still in harbor awaiting a new shipping assignment, which made it possible for captain Nemo to leave the ship for a meeting with his CEO at the shipping line’s head office.

Great to see you Nemo! Have you considered my offer about the new ship and the salary raise?

Yes, I have Sir! But I am sorry to say, that I’ve decided to stay on with my present job. It took some consideration and I couldn’t find an answer, but then quite of a sudden, my crew showed up and told me, that if I’d leave, so would half of them. That convinced me. I do hope you’ll accept that, sir?

You know what, Nemo. The freight owner, whose cargo you so successfully landed, called me the other day and said, that we will get all his future shipping orders, on one condition, and that was, that the S/Y Enterprise with its present captain will handle them. And that gave me a dilemma, as I’d already given you a new offer.

But that’s splendid sir, isn’t it?

It is indeed! I was worried before this meeting, as I’d given you an offer, that I then would have a problem to keep. This story has really come to a happy ending. So, this is what we’ll do Nemo. You get the salary raise anyhow, so now you keep the command over your fantastic crew and ship. Ok?

Marvelous sir!

Captain Nemo returned to his ship and a few hours later he got a new sailing order – to go to another harbor, far away from here, for new cargo, but this time it contains fresh vegetables, meaning that time is essential!

The problem is the distance, it’ll take quite some time to get there. Shit! I’ll consult my navigators.

Hi guys, we have a problem, which is how to reach that harbor as very fast as possible? Any suggestions?

Yes sir, we could try to go this way, but the problem is the water depth.

But with no cargo onboard, don’t you think our ship would be less heavy and thereby not going as deep as usual?

It would be quite risky, but there is a chance though. It’s your choice sir!

Yeah, I know!

Hm, how much water would we have between our ship’s bottom and the sea floor, you think?

Hard to say, sir, but with normal winds and weather I’d say half a meter.

Does speed have any impact?

Yes, sir. The faster we sail – the higher we’ll be above the sea floor.

Thank you, guys. This is what we’ll do. We leave now with full speed through those scary waters.

Got it, sir. I’ll order immediate departure with full sails.

Cpt. Nemo just showed us how and why calculated risk-taking is an essential part in all businesses!

Peter Forsberg Agera Sales

Peter Forsberg
Agera Sales

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