Agera - CubeBiz

The manager's sniper - a marketing weapon

The sniper is called CubeBiz and is a Windows-based computer program.

The program is used for market segmentation by the management. It is animated and is best run on a big screen with marketing and or sales teams assembled. The program is used by both consultants , who run workshops with their clients as well as by business managers who need to further target their company's marketing efforts.

The screen displays 16 cubes - each corresponding to a market segment. The cubes turn around and show their six different sides. Each side asks questions. The questions are in both text and numeric form and should be answered by the assembled employees.

The values ​​are being calculated automatically and the cubes compare themselves directly with the other cubes corresponding values ​​and signals what the best and worst options are. Market sniping in other words!

At the next meeting, just bring your computer and walk into the meeting room. CubeBiz have saved everything and is prepared to follow up the previous meetings conclusions as well as lay out new plans.

CubeBiz is a Swedish creation that can run on six different languages.

The license costs 250€.

Try CubeBiz for 15 days free! Download it today.