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3D computer software
For faster and more accurate decisions

Agera CubeBiz X-rays your market

CubeBiz is a computerized management-tool that X-rays your market, so to speak. Both as a segmentation key, i.e. a way to find your most profitable opportunities, and as a tool that will easily follow up on what has been done, what may need to change, or what should be left alone. Simulations are also easily done—i. e. what would happen if you put your efforts in other segments. CubeBiz calculates and answers directly.
And—here is the best part—the data is instantly accessible so that you can bring it out at any time, for follow-ups, check-ups and adjustments in work patterns and routines.

Before CubeBiz, this procedure would typically have taken place in a meeting room, with everything being discussed for several hours or days at a conference. After that, there would be a further delay while the minutes are being summarized and distributed. And the result would often appear too late, in a dull and un- engaging manner, quickly forgotten by the participants. CubeBiz eliminates all that.

CubeBiz consists of a total of 16 cubes, of which 9 rep- resent different market segments and 7 are summation cubes. Just like any cube, it has 6 sides. The cubes can be tossed and turned with a simple click, asking questions—both as digits and text. CubeBiz calculates all the answer data, comparing the values with corresponding values of other segments.

Agera Sales Training

This takes place instantly and the results are stored in real time. At the next meeting, you simply start up CubeBiz, and all the thoughts and ideas from your previ- ous meeting appear instantaneously. CubeBiz needs no preparation whatsoever—you just bring your computer to the conference room and you are ready to go!

CubeBiz is a brand new, highly operative and always available tool now being launched—initially in Sweden.

The simplicity and transparency of the CubeBiz con- cept is unsurpassed. Users only see the rotating cubes of CubeBiz—either all at once, or one at a time. No complicated equations are shown—these are automatically calculated out of sight.

Apart from English, CubeBiz is available in Swedish, German, French, Spanish and Danish.

And who benefits from CubeBiz?

Actually everybody. CEO’s, Sales and Marketing Man- agers, Ad agencies or just anyone with the ambition to target his marketing efforts in order to achieve the very best profitability.

The price is 250€ per license, including all six languages.

Test CubeBiz free of charge for 15 days.

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A true story

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CubeBiz first saw the light of day in Switzerland in 1990, although it wasn’t called CubeBiz back then. Peter Forsberg had just been appointed Managing Director of the company, but lacked sufficient grasp of both the industry and the local language, to realize his company’s goals. He needed some kind of tool to get into the business and obtain the essential insight and knowledge he would need in order to work efficiently in an unfamiliar market- place. Ten months later the company made a profit for the first time. “It would not have been possible without CubeBiz,” says Peter.

About a year ago, Peter got to thinking whether the cube concept could be computerized. Not knowing a whole lot about computers or programming, Peter realized that it would be difficult to explain what he really wanted. So he visited the local toy store and picked up 16 new toy building blocks— just like the ones he had played with as a child. Each block represented a market segment, and on the six sides of the blocks he painted all the important questions that needed answers.

The road that led to CubeBiz has been an interesting adventure, from handpainted toy building blocks to an advanced computer software.


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