Most businessmen have experienced endless trips throughout the world, sitting in lounges, having a drink, checking the last mails, preparing for the next meeting, ignoring the anonymous person right beside. You may share a few polite words with no other purpose than just being polite.

It is here Agera comes in with its new blog – meant to take that polite comment a step further. It might be so that your unknown fellow traveler also has the same business worries, that you have. This is a waste of time and business possibilities! Free advices- could it be any better?

Talking to unknown people about problems is a lot easier than talking to your colleagues. It is no-demanding, it is not a minefield. It is an opportunity for sharing and getting other people’s advices and experiences. A chance to take care of!  And best of all – it does not cost neither money, nor prestige!

So, our blog is called “Agera Business Lounge”. Here people, unknown to each other have a chance to share not only polite words but also experiences.

If you change business cards or prefer to stay unknown does not matter. The talk is free. Your business problems might get a new approach as well as your experiences might serve someone else.

The first theme is about something you’ve never heard of –  tail-fin management (fishtail). Yes, you got that right!