“Find the single most important and common factor for companies with constant successes”.

That was the research project Mr. Collins and Mr. Porras had to tackle for Harvard Business School years ago. They spent six years on the task – almost unbelievable! The two researchers came to investigate numerous companies in various industries, all with one thing in common – constant success.

They began searching in terms of superior plans, sophisticated business ideas, charismatic leaders, brilliant organizations, ingenious products/services, refined marketing/distribution, data maturity, and of course genius advertising.

As it turned out, even charismatic leaders were no guarantee for constant successes! Collins and Porras were forced to widen their search-area to include soft values. And then they found, without exception, what all successful companies with constant success had in common – PASSION!

All of them had a passionate relationship to their vision and ideology. Earnings were reinvested, to secure the fulfillment of their visions. All staff were united and passionate behind it. The CEO being more like an architect, as he seemed to dedicate his time more to make sure that people and routines were coordinated with the daily business. Decisions were simple as they always were related to the fulfillment of the vision. Another remarkable factor was that the CEO usually was recruited internally.

These companies are very precautious about costs, not necessarily benefiting the company. On the other hand – they all are almost adventurous about investments that had a chance to improve their company’s strength.

When it comes to external recruiting, all these successful companies are extremely careful. They realize, that people is the single most important factor. Therefore, they search internally – giving their staff a chance. If not, they take all the time in the world to ensure that any new employee is perfect for the company, its team and its spirit.

Passion itself is not a management tool, it is a result you may achieve after having used management tools correctly. (The total is larger than the sum of its ingredients! Give that a thought!)

Perhaps you wonder “how do I fix this”. A good start might be to stop regarding your company as several different departments, that must be dealt with separately. Instead, think like a football coach, who always keeps his team together on training and matches, despite the individual’s different tasks and talents on the field.

When sales- and production-people start calling each other colleagues, you have come halfway!

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