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It is important to hire the right salesperson. But it is also difficult. Finding people who make the cut and who will perform.
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We often have the impression that managers base their search on incorrect grounds, and use unnecessary and even inappropriate test instruments that demand too much time and expense relative to their benefits.

Our day-to-day operations involve developing salespeople and sales processes. We’ve done this for almost 30 years. We have the expertise, we have the knowledge. Consequently, we provide a concrete service to retailers and other sales organizations in connection with employee selection and induction. The service is called Agera Select.

The client provides the advertising, administration, initial sorting of applications, and interviews. We contribute tools and expertise.

The selection process can be conducted quickly – within 24 hours. The purpose of Agera Select is to quickly produce high-achieving salespeople.

Agera Select is easy to use. The entire process is carried out by Internet or telephone.

Agera Sales Selection

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