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Compared with other disciplines, research on sales is relatively limited, resulting in a proliferation of myths about how success is created. More precision and clarity as to what really creates sales effectiveness is important – for both our own and our clients’ development.
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Consequently, we conduct studies on contract and to enhance our own levels of understanding and competence. When necessary, we collaborate with Oxford Research, a Scandinavian consulting firm with offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Brussels and Kristiansand that focuses on the Nordic and the European markets.

The most recent studies have involved establishing:
• what characteristic traits, behaviors and activities are typical of high-achieving salespeople.
• how new recruitment routines and selection methods have impacted actual performance.

In 2010 we wanted to find out what challenges and problems Swedish companies saw in their sales operations. The target group comprised sales directors and business area presidents – people with general strategic responsibility for sales operations.

The study was conducted in the form of a PDS (Problem Detection Study). A report, in Swedish or English, can be downloaded.

Agera Sales Studies

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