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Many organizations use some form performance measurement in their own operations. But few such systems are truly successful. To fill that gap, we provide a tool that creates enthusiasm and momentum, and actually raises the level of ambition.
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Too often, salespeople do not feel involved in the measurement methods, so the methods fail to impact their behavior. At the same time, for operations managers, being able to access data on how different performance metrics and activities are developing is essential. And to acquire insight so that essential decisions can be made at the right time. The actual number of available sales hours is basically always lower than what it may seem in the minds of salespeople and managers.

Given that reality, having to obtain sales results in excessively long periods can render the work of management almost impossible. You can quickly find yourself in a situation that is difficult to correct, a lag that cannot be offset using the available resources.

To fill the gap, we provide a Web-based system, “Agera Manager” – a system that supervises the company’s sale operations in real time. Using Agera Manager, sales management can obtain an immediate overview over the status of their operations.

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Agera Manager

Agera Manager

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Agera Manager

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Agera Manager

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