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Telemarketing is key in today’s B2B market. It is the fastest and most effective way to contact customers and prospects.
We can help you build up your own telemarketing team whether you need inbound, outbound or both, in any European language.
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Appointment setting
The phone is the best tool for making appointments. We can make your appointments for you or coach you and your team on the techniques of successful appointment making.

Lead Generation
We can generate leads for you. We can also nurture cold and warm leads to turn them into hot prospects. We provide our clients with good quality and detailed leads.

Event recruitment and follow up
Whether you are hosting an event or a webinar, we can call and personally invite your customers and prospects for you, making sure you get the valuable information about your attendees before meeting them up at the event. We will also follow up with the participants and no-shows in order to generate leads after your event.

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