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Developing salespeople is about two things: modifying behavior and creating the conditions that will lead to good behavior being repeated continuously. Every day, every week, every month, all year round. New salespeople need basic training. Established salespeople need to develop from their current position in terms of their own individual sales effectiveness. Increased sales productivity or an improved ability to generate value through their sales efforts. Or both. Fairly often it also involves developing sales management staff and internal management processes.
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We also train individual salespeople and sales managers just as frequently as whole groups. Since the beginning of the 1980s on, we have gained extensive experience in education and training. We are therefore called upon frequently by other educational institutions and business schools.

Our training assignments involve primarily custom on-site trainings held on the premises of individual clients. However, we also provide open trainings – that is, Agera Training Camp.

Achieving high sales productivity in a salesperson is the equivalent of work content. How can we minimize the effort involved in sales work so that every sales transaction is as cost-effective as possible. This is, on a day-to-day basis, a question of time use, work structure and quantitative efforts. But it is also essentially about doing whatever I know I must do to avoid falling victim to a paralyzing fear known as “sales call reluctance.” We have grown to be one of the main players in Scandinavia in correcting personal fears of making contact with prospective customers. And thus increase the productivity of an individual salesperson.

Agera Sales Training

In addition to being a cost-effective way of getting through their working day, successful salespeople arranged meetings with customers who generate profitable orders. It’s a matter of quality in the meeting with the customer. And of the ability to create a long-term business relationship. Repeat business is a key indicator of effective sales operations.

There are no short-cuts for transforming theoretical models into practical skills. Consequently, our development programs contain a large element of training. This training is interspersed with discussion and with knowledge reviews.

Practical cases, exercises and examples taken from the participants’ usual situations and sales situations. Business areas that need to be developed are often involved in the training, and are used in concrete exercises and in practical cases and incidents.

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