CubebBiz is being used in different ways, but always for increased profitability in the end. The dynamics are always the same and is located in a number of employees gathered in front of the big screen to jointly answer the program's many questions. The discussions are very stimulating and commitment usually high.

Large Enterprises are given a common approach and language to describe various business situations. Hereby subsidiaries and divisions understand each other’s business situations so much better. Presentations are being done by same template. Everyone speaks the same language. Apples are compared with apples! The regular meetings are given a completely different and new substance.

Companies with a constant endeavor to improve their market surveillance and thereby profitability are using the software for optimization of their sales efforts.

Sales management A well-established CRM systems mainly facilitates the description of existing customers. It may be said that CRM stands for deep customer knowledge while CubeBiz stands for broad market overview. The systems complement each other, through that CubeBiz both retrieve and submit information to the existing CRM system.

Management Consultants run seminars and work-shops on the big screen with their clients.

Advertising agencies use the program along with their clients to find the most profitable market segments to target their campaigns against.

Simulations, then what happens if you are investing the resources differently. CubeBiz responds directly.


CubeBiz has gradually evolved over more than fifteen years. Originally, it was a paper product , a sort of working model for a newly appointed CEO in Switzerland. The model worked and later led through the building blocks and a number of consultants to today's program ( pictures below ).